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The Talented & Gifted Award-Winning Author & Filmmaker  Joan Montreuil
Over the last 26 years, I’ve worked with thousands of filmmakers, producers, actors, writers, and executives across multiple creative disciplines. I’ve worked with everyone from beginners to grammy consideration & Oscar nominees. I’ve had clients everywhere from Canada to the Bahamas. I’ve provided countless platforms to help many creatives screen their work through streaming, media and festivals.  

I don’t say this to brag but to emphasize that my passion for the arts is the pinnacle of my desire to see filmmakers stop waiting for permission to be creative and greenlight themselves!Wisdom Productions, LLC is a multi-faceted establishment with a team ready to assist you. Our company is designed to provide countless opportunities to Brilliant Women In film Organization and to the upcoming talent through The Writer's Room, Stage, Film Production, Video Editing,Media including Book Writing. We welcome non-union and union actors but most importantly, joining our team of professionals will help cultivate your introduction to the ARTS and profound love for storytelling  and film Production.

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