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Joan Montreuil is an award-winning Houston based  Author and Indie Filmmaker. She is the Visionary and Founder  of Wisdom Productions, LLC and BWIF, DBA  [Brilliant Women In Film].  Joan has over 25 years of experience in the Arts, Media & Entertainment.

Her latest venture is BWIF, a women's group of filmmakers located  right here in Houston, Texas.  Joan is the Program Creator and Director of several Workshops and Special Events which includes:

The Writers Room |The Writers Retreat |BWIF Annual Film Festival |BWIF Radio Talk Show & Media | BWIF Bloggers |Trading Places |My First Movie | My First Book | Actor's Delight | Director's Delight | Dummy Set| Annual Monologue Competition| Annual REEL Competition.

Her creative roots stem from the city of New Orleans where she is  a known Playwright, Author, Script Writer, Director, Author, Actor,  Film Editor and Producer.  Trina Brown also known as Joan Montreuil is an ordained Minister of the Gospel and has put into practice what she preaches. She branched out becoming an independent filmmaker in the city of Houston in 2006, writing, directing, producing, acting and editing her own Short(s) and Feature Films. She is the author of three published books "Delivered from Destruction, The Unexpected and her newest book Beyond The Vows". She has three  blockbuster Feature Films in stores and online, which includes "Walk By Faith and "Closer To Home" and Beyond The Vows. She has trained and inspired  countless women! Her work is displayed in stores, streaming  and online! 

*Christian Author Award, The Author's Showcase 12/12/19
*Awarded " Joan Montreuil" Proclamation Day on 4/6/2018
* Brilliant Women in Film Day National Holiday 3/8/2018
*Awarded Congressional Recognition "Brilliant Women In Film" 8/11/2019
*Honors from "Know Your Worth" Lisa Ricardo Ministries 
*Ordained as a Minister of the Gospel by Pastor Antoine Barriere
* Awarded as Elect Lady of Distinctive Services By Walking in Victory Ministries
*Parenting Award By Walking in Victory Ministries
*Outstanding Services  as Youth Director By Household of Faith Family Worship Church 
* A Phenomenal Overcomer By W.O.W. Houston, Texas
*Outstanding Professional Award Westfield High school
*Best Screenplay & Best Writer and Fan Favorite For "Beyond The Vows" Christian Film Festival
*Best Beyond The Vows Trailer" Idlewood Festival
C.E.O. & Program Director of BWIF-Creator of Workshops, Film & Events
Radio Interview @ 102.1 Radio Station Promoting "Walk By Faith" & Down By The River
Author of  3 published books and the creator of 
"My First Book" Workshop
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Writer, Director, Producer and Lead Actor in  Walk By Faith
 Joan has her own Proclamation Day on April 6th in the city of Houston
Joan has been on countless radio stations promoting her work.