Wisd     m  Pr     ductions, LLC International
in association with Brilliant Women In Film
We Are Women Who Write For Film, Television and Media, but not limited to other forms of Arts & Entertainment. We are an all-female production company who write(s) and produce(s) our own films from conception to completion. Our goal is to engage in an annual screenwriting competition for women filmmakers. We want to provide a platform for female filmmakers to showcase their faith-based and family-friendly stories, but we not only desire to support female filmmakers, we want to also be a springboard for success. We want to forge a festival that will discover and recognize female talent by telling original and authentic stories the will help shape society through female voices from around the world. We will go to the ends of the Earth to find the best new female talent and then do whatever it takes to promote their meaningful stories. 
Award-winning Author & Filmmaker Joan Montreuil
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Winners Of  2020' Brilliant Women In Film, Film Festival 
                                                                                                       Film Director Joan Montreuil
Opening Soon 2021